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Ensuring the Perfect Prefiltration Solution with Our In-House Pilot Test
(MF – UF – NF)

Spiraltec GmbH is committed to providing more than just innovative products - we strive to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers.

To that end, we proudly offer a prefiltration pilot test service, utilizing our in-house, state-of-the-art testing facility.

This service allows us to fine-tune prefiltration processes (MF, UF, and NF) specifically to your application, ensuring optimal performance and efficacy.

Our pilot test service includes

1. Membrane Material Selection

We assist in selecting the appropriate membrane material, be it ceramic or polymer, based on the specifics of your operation and the nature of the substances involved.

2. Determination of Membrane Pore Size

Depending on your application, we help identify the ideal pore size for the membrane:

3. Evaluation of Removal Efficacy

We conduct thorough assessments of removal efficacy for various substances, including COD, TOC, TSS, and more, ensuring the selected prefiltration system meets your exact requirements.

4. Estimation of Membrane Permeability

We estimate membrane permeability based on the specific solution type in your application, ensuring optimal flow and filtration efficiency.

5. Determination of Operation Mode

We assist in determining the most efficient operation mode for your situation, be it cross-flow or dead-end filtration.

6. Backwash Duration Estimation

We provide estimates for the required backwash duration to ensure efficient operation and longevity of the membrane.

7. Optimal Operating Pressure

We assist in determining the optimal operating pressure for your specific process, balancing effective filtration with energy efficiency.
We also provide technical support and design consulting to help our customers to optimize their filtration systems.

"To enable us to provide you with the most accurate and efficient prefiltration solution, we kindly request a minimum sample of 50 liters from your process stream."

By providing these tailored services, we aim to deliver a prefiltration solution that fits seamlessly into your operation, delivering high performance and reliability. With Spiraltec GmbH, you get more than a product - you get a partnership dedicated to your success.

We test for you!

Do not hesitate to contact us and get your individual quote for the pilot test.