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Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger HEX

Based on many years of experience with wounded membrane modules for diffusion dialysis, Spiraltec develops a wound heat exchanger HEX. Main features are chemical resistance to acids, bases and salt solutions at moderate costs. Unique is the novel design, which allows to coil several parallel channels. A wide range of requirements in terms of volume flow rates and transfer performance can be met in a similar way to plate heat exchangers.

Fields of application

Electrolyte solutions in electrochemical applications

A very interesting field of application for the new HEX is the temperature control of electrolyte solutions in electrochemical applications, for example electroplating baths. In combination with a diffusion dialysis system from Spiraltec and a conventional cold water set, it results in cost-optimized bath maintenance with maximum process stability in electroplating.

Chemical process engineering

A special application is, for example, the temperature control of acids and bases in chemical process technology. Pickling solutions for metals can be mentioned as an example.

Saline waters such as sea or thermal waters

The direct use of saline water such as sea or thermal water for cooling or heating can be realized cost-effectively with the new HEX. This means that considerable cost savings can be achieved in the air conditioning and heating of buildings, machines and processes, among other things.


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